Radical Atheist Who Trashed Billy Graham after His Death Is Set to Become a Navy “Chaplain”

By Jim Hoft

Radical atheist Jason Heap is hoping to become a Navy chaplain.

The US Navy is seriously considering the approval of this anti-Christian activist for a spot in its Chaplain Corps.

In February Heap retweeted a post by radical secularist group trashing Rev. Billy Graham after his death.

Rev Billy Graham disparaged nontheists, opposed women’s rights, and led the religious right’s crusade against LGBT equality. The accolade of lying in honor at the U.S. Capitol should be reserved for those who dedicated their lives to helping all Americans https://t.co/mBqpjwYFXu

— Secular Coalition for America (@seculardotorg) February 28, 2018

Liberty Headlines reported:

Within a week of re-assigning (and possibly firing) one chaplain for expressing traditionalist Christian beliefs, the Navy is seriously considering the approval of an avowed “non-theistic humanist” for a spot in its Chaplain Corps.

Conservative U.S. House and Senate members are formally urging the Navy not to approve the atheist for the post, noting the Navy can provide all sorts of other programs for non-believers without altering the mission of the long-established Chaplain Corps.

The secular-humanist applicant is Dr. Jason Heap – described by ConservativeHQ.com as a “militant atheist” – the executive director of the United Coalition of Reason who had sued the …read more

Source:: The Gateway Pundit