PRICELESS! BERNIE SANDERS Tells MSNBC Host He’s NOT A Democrat While Touring With DNC Chair To Promote Dem Party [VIDEO]

By 100% FED Up

bernie sanders tom perez MSNBC interview

Democrats are having a tough week. First their golden boy Jon Ossoff wasn’t able to pull off an upset in the George special election to replace Rep. Tom Price in a “red-leaning” district, and now Tom Perez appears to be imploding, as he travels around with the best the Democrats have to offer, Socialist Bernie Sanders. Sanders still appears to be wildly popular with the “free sh*t” crowd that the Democrats created after decades of promising voters they would give them something for nothing in exchange for votes.

When it comes to pulling the fractured Democratic Party together, DNC Chair Tom Perez was clearly not the best choice following Hillary’s blistering loss to President Trump. The day before his interview with Joy Reid on MSNBC Tom Perez was introduced by the leader of the Maine Young Democrats Claire Cumming. The video shows Cumming attempting to get the crowd excited by the mere mention of socialist Bernie Sanders, “Regardless of why you showed up today, you showed up for a reason. Something compelled you to find the space and time to be here, and I want you to ask yourself what that reason is.” “Maybe it’s because you love a certain senator …read more