Poll Shows Americans’ Massive Disapproval Of Both Parties: “Now It’s Just An Oligarchy”

By Tyler Durden

Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The “Monthly Harvard-Harris Poll: June 2017» is the latest poll in that series, and it scientifically sampled 2,258 U.S. registered voters, of whom (as shown on page 30) 35% were “Democrat», 29% were “Republican», and 30% were “independent»).

It indicates (page 24) that 37% “approve» and 63% “disapprove» of “the way the Republican Party is handling its job».

It also indicates (page 25) that 38% “approve», and 62% “disapprove», of “the way the Democratic Party is handling its job».

So: despite there being 6% more self-described “Democrat»s than “Republican»s, there was only 1% more disapproval of the Republican Party than of the Democratic Party; and, this indicates that there was a substantial disapproval of “the Democratic Party» by Democratic voters (more disaffection by them for ‘their’ Party, than Republicans have for theirs).

The answers to other questions in the poll also help to provide an answer as to why this is so, and why the voting public don’t hold either Party in high regard – why America’s supposedly ‘democratic’ (small-“D») politics is currently a contest between uglies, with neither Party offering anything like what the U.S. voting public …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge