Political Riots Are Part of Larger Unrestricted Warfare Campaign

By Kevin D. Freeman


According to the book, Unrestricted Warfare, the end goal of economic warfare is chaos. It is accomplished through social panic, street riots and a political crisis after confidence is destroyed in the banking system, media, stock market, and power grid.

This is how you defeat a superior enemy without firing a shot:

“However, by using the combination method, a completely different scenario and game can occur: if the attacking side secretly (or quietly) musters large amounts of capital without the enemy nation being aware of this at all and launches a sneak attack against its financial markets, then after causing a financial crisis, buries a computer virus and hacker detachment in the opponent’s computer system in advance, while at the same time carrying out a network attack against the enemy so that the civilian electricity network, traffic dispatching network, financial transaction network, telephone communications network, and mass media network are completely paralyzed, this will cause the enemy nation to fall into social panic, street riots, and a political crisis.”

We’ve already seen riots over the election results. Many believe that George Soros is funding the protests that have led to the riots. Now, we are …read more

Source:: Affluent Investor.com