Open letter to Home Schoolers

By Jon Rappoport

The Matrix Revealed

Open letter to Home Schoolers

Logic & Analysis

by Jon Rappoport

December 7, 2017

When logic is taught at all, it is usually handled in an abstract fashion. Students examine very simple patterns of reasoning and learn which patterns are correct and which are incorrect.

When analysis of realistic text is taught at all, it usually involves dissecting literature to find out what the author is “really trying to say.”

I wasn’t satisfied with either approach. So when I created my course (further details below), I changed the priorities. Students do learn something about abstract thinking—but they are also taught how the most important and destructive fallacies seep into news reports, PR releases, scientific journalism, editorials, and political arguments.

The core of the course consists of text passages that resemble the kind of information people encounter every day. These passages contain multiple logical errors, and with the help of the teacher, students root out the errors and, in the process, become much smarter, much sharper, less easily fooled.

The Founders of this country wrote a 1st Amendment to the Constitution that enshrined free speech as an essential element in the new Republic. They clearly understood that, for this to work, citizens needed to …read more

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