On Roy Moore: When did ‘proof’ become immaterial?

By Barry Farber

Not so fast, fellows. Most definitely a man in his 30s who tries to make out with a 14-year-old girl deserves 30 days in the electric chair. But have you ever forced yourself to face up to the other side of things?

Because it seems to me that if such a sexual allegation is leveled in the middle of a political campaign 40 years after the alleged depravity, and if those 40 years in the life of the alleged perpetrator were jam-packed with elections of various kinds and a prolific public life and if there’s absolutely zero proof of guilt, then maybe the party that leaked the matter to the Washington Post ought to try winning the oncoming election by other means, you know, issues and the like!

As I witness the bipartisan frenzy to dump Judge Roy Moore, the question asks itself, “You mean all you have to do is inject a horrendous accusation into the media and wait for the accused party to be blown away?” And that’s it?! The sadistic murderer Ché Guevara, when questioned about the justice of Cuban firing squads working in shifts with no semblance of a trial, proudly boasted, “We execute, not out of bourgeois …read more

Source:: World Net Daily