OHIO TERRORIST Brought To America Via Greedy Religious Charity That Makes Millions From Resettlement

By 100% FED Up


THIS MUST END! Numerous “religious” agencies make big bucks off of every refugee they bring to America. Refugee resettlement has become big business and has spiraled out of control.
Here’s a fantastic history in a short video that explains what’s going on:

The Ohio terrorist came to America via Pakistan and then lived in Dallas before resettling in Ohio. This is a great example of how the religious charities bring the people and then let them go to move around America freely…This needs to end!

It was June 5, 2014 when a young teenager named Abul Razak Ali Artan arrived in Dallas with his mother and six siblings.

A little more than two years before he was the suspect in a violent knife attack on the Ohio State campus.

“We gave them aid and comfort and some shelter as part of the government resettlement program,” explained Catholic Charities C.E.O. Dave Woodyard.

The Somali immigrants arrived from Pakistan at D/FW International Airport via JFK International Airport.

Catholic Charities says someone from the organization likely picked the family up from the airport when they arrived.

According to Catholic Charities of Dallas records, the family was in temporary housing in Dallas for 23 days, leaving June 28, 2014.

“Then they emigrated. …read more

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