Now it’s ‘war’ over leftists’ ‘hate’-labeling agenda

By Bob Unruh


A charity-monitoring organization’s use of the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate” designation for some non-profits that uphold traditional marriage has been met with a lawsuit.

Now, some of the targeted groups are unleashing a public counteroffensive, accusing SPLC of “fueling hate, killing free speech and even encouraging terrorist-style attacks on those it doesn’t agree with,” reported Paul Bedard’s in his Washington Secrets column.

WND reported when Liberty Counsel sued GuideStar for its decision to use SPLC claims to label certain conservative and Christian groups.

Then the Alliance Defending Freedom demanded an apology from ABC News for quoting SPLC in a slam of ADF.

The Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability later warned GuideStar its use of false SPLC claims to undermine Christian organizations was damaging its own credibility.

SPLC sits in judgment of Christians, labeling as “haters” those who disagree with its pro-homosexual agenda. In fact, SPLC put Dr. Ben Carson in that category before facing a backlash and abruptly backtracking.

Get the Whistleblower Magazine’s revelations about SPLC in “The Hate Racket,” the story of how one group fools government into equating Christians and conservatives with Klansmen and Nazis – and rakes in millions doing it.

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Source:: World Net Daily