North Carolina Boys Stop to Honor American Flag

By Sonny Joy Nelson

A photo of two young boys in North Carolina has gone viral after the pair stopped to say the Pledge of Allegiance as the flag was raised.

“The two Roseboro boys, Derrick Tyrone Ingram Jr. and Thomas Edwards Jones Jr., however are evidently getting better lessons at home and school. Their actions touched the hearts of the firefighters, who shared the picture on Facebook, and said, ‘God Bless our community,’” according to First in Freedom Daily.

This afternoon as Chaplain Herring was raising the U.S. flag to full staff, he looked over to the intersection and saw…

Posted by Roseboro Fire Department on Friday, 8 February 2019

The post reached over 100 likes quickly after being posted on the Fire Department’s page, which Chief Kenneth Lee Coleman Jr said, “I thought that’s pretty good for us because we don’t usually get that many likes.” The post now has almost 9.5k likes and 9.3k shares on Facebook.

The story comes as an uplifting change of pace after another North Carolina 10 year-old-year kid kneeled for the Pledge of Allegiance during a city council meeting in Durham. The boys father, Scott Holmes, stated he and his son talked about kneeling before …read more


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