New York Times Editorial Board Hire Has Used Slurs Frequently, Said She’s Friends With ‘Various Neo-Nazis’

By Conor Beck

The New York Times announced Tuesday that Quinn Norton has joined the newspaper’s editorial board, before saying hours later that it is investigating the journalist for past tweets in which she used slurs and discussed her friendships with neo-Nazis.

The Times‘ press office said the paper is “delighted to announce” Quinn will be its “lead opinion writer on the power, culture, and consequences of technology.”

“We’re excited to have Quinn to help our readers understand what’s possible and what’s sensible, and where we’re all headed,” the announcement read.

Twitter users quickly flagged Norton’s past controversial tweets, including ones in which she said that she is “friends with various neo-Nazis”—though she clarified that she has “never agreed with them”—and used various slurs.

In October 2014, when a Twitter user asked Norton whether she is friends with neo-Nazis, the journalist responded that she is indeed.

@onekade i have been friends with various neo-nazis in my time, yes. i have never agreed with them, and i’ve been clear on that.

— Well that was fun. (@quinnnorton) October 2, 2014

Norton then said there is a chance the neo-Nazis who she knows will not hurt minorities because she is friends with them.

Source:: Washington Free Beacon