Netflix Explodes Higher After Smashing Subscriber Expectations, Will Burn Up To $4BN In 2018

By Tyler Durden

For the third consecutive quarter, Netflix stock is spiking after reporting earnings, a repeat of what it did last quarter and the quarter before, up as much as 8% after hours, and reaching its all time high price of $334 per share and just shy of all time highs after reporting Q1 2018 numbers which while coming line with with expectations on revenue ($3.701Bn, Exp. $3.69Bn), and non-GAAP EPS (Adj. EPS $0.64, exp. $0.64), were far more remarkable once again for for the latest beat in the subscriber numbers, which again smashed expectations especially on the international streaming side, as follows:

Q1 total net streaming additions 7.41MM, Exp. 6.43 MM

Q1 domestic net streaming additions 1.96MM; Wall Street exp. 1.45MM, guidance 1.45MM
Q1 international net streaming additions 5.46MM, Wall Street exp. 4.98MM, guidance 4.90MM

Meanwhile, Netflix’ Q2 2018 outlook also blew out expectations, with the company now expecting Q2 net streaming adds of 6.2 million (1.2 MM in the US and 5.00 MM internationally) well above the consensus estimate of 4.83 million, although this will come at a cost: Netflix still expect to burn between $3 and $4 billion in cash in 2018.

NFLX also expects $3.934 billion in Q1 revenue, also above the consensus …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge