Muslim Spies Who Worked For Democrats Stole $100,000 from Iraqi

By Tiffany Layne


Muslim Spies Who Worked For Democrats Stole $100,000 from an Iraqi
Sometimes we get much more than we bargain for. Such is the case with the brothers Awan, who didn’t bargain they’d get caught.

Last week I wrote about the brothers who made a living as IT scammers for House Democrats. An investigation uncovered evidence that these Muslim operatives were stealing data and over-billing for their services. However, those revelations barely scratched the surface of what these Muslim spies pulled off.

As it turns out, these overpaid staffers received $100,000 from an Iraqi politician through the House of Representatives computer network. Was the money stolen; who’s to say. All we know is the money was taken.

Trail of Debt:

By 2009, the family was seemingly very busy. Not only were they the Democrats’ go-to IT guys, but they had time to manage a car dealership in Virginia. Abid managed the dealership after throwing in $250,000 to start the business. And he certainly had the financial wherewithall, as he was paid for at least two well-paid full-time jobs.

This $100,000 loan came from Dr. Ali al-Attar, an alleged Iraqi political figure. The funds were funneled through a company nearly impossible to trace.

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Source:: The Black