Mueller and Comey’s Investigations Are Tainted and it Gets Worse

By Allen West Republic

Special Counsel Robert Mueller had a trusted FBI agent investigating the Trump-Russian dossier charges. Former FBI Director James Comey had a trusted agent investigating Hillary Clinton and the email server scandal.

It turns out that both agents were Peter Strzok. Mr. Strzok just recently got fired from the Trump case when his anti-Trump and pro-Hillary biases were revealed. Now both cases are tainted. It gets worse. Read on.

As Written By Gregg Jarrett for Fox News:

How is it possible that Hillary Clinton escaped criminal indictment for mishandling classified documents despite incriminating evidence that she violated the Espionage Act?

Why did Donald Trump become the target of a criminal investigation for allegedly conspiring with Russia to influence the presidential election despite no evidence that he ever did so?

The answer, it seems, comes down to one person who played a vital role in both cases: Peter Strzok, deputy director of counterintelligence at the FBI.

Strzok was exchanging politically charged texts with an FBI lawyer that denigrated Trump and lauded Clinton at the same time he was leading the bureau’s criminal investigation of Clinton. He is also the one who changed the critical wording of then-FBI Director James Comey’s description of Clinton’s handling of …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic