More Fake News: Media Contrived Photos to Diminish Trump’s Inauguration Crowd

By Knave Dave

trump inauguration crowd photo shows sparse audience

The following article by David Haggith was first published on The Great Recession Blog:

Last week the mainstream media devoted huge resources of time and space to comparing photos of President Obama’s inauguration audience to photos of President Trump’s inauguration audience. Apparently audience size matters because major news media all over the US wouldn’t let go of the subject for an entire week. Their claims that Trump had a comparatively tiny audience became so important to the newly elected president that his press secretary, Sean Spicer, devoted his first press meeting to attacking the media he will have to work with for the next four years over what he claimed were false representations.

The press fought back by saying the story was important because Donald Trump lied when he said through Spicer and his own tweets that his audience was as big as Obama’s — that it was, in fact, the biggest ever — and that it stretched all the way from where he stood to the Washington Monument. Many in the media claimed the president was lying and that the president was clearly obsessed with himself …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge