More Dramatic Footage Published Of Russian War Games, Including Bering Sea Operation

By Tyler Durden

With Russia’s Vostok-2018 war games are now in full swing, reaching its mid-point Friday, and set to conclude September 17, more dramatic footage of the epic size of the military exercise has been released through official state sources. This included video of a major Friday naval operation on the Bering Sea — the vast but strategically key expanse of water separating Alaska and Russia.

The military exercise kicked off in Russia’s far east on Tuesday, involving 300,000 troops and close to 40,000 military vehicles. It’s been billed as the most expansive war games on Russian soil since 1981 under the Soviet Union.

Satellite image of the Vostok 2018 games via Digital Globe

It further includes 1,000 aircraft, two Russian naval fleets and all airborne units, along with a contingent from China, and a Mongolian troop deployment.

PRC camp: thousands of Chinese & Mongolian troops, hundreds of tanks and vehicles rolling into position for ground and air assault at Vostok 2018 war-games in Russia

— Murad Gazdiev (@MuradGazdiev) September 13, 2018

And to be expected the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) is keen to advertise to the United States and the West — with which Moscow has been …read more

Source:: Zero Hedge

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