More Bay Area Hypocrisy: Google SJWs Demand Management Put An End To “Cyberbullying”

By Tyler Durden


Apparently the arbitrary firing of James Damore wasn’t enough to make the contingent of “oppressed” Google employees feel “safe” at work.

Once again, the Bay Area technoratis’ complete lack of self awareness has made it into the headlines as Reuters exclusively reports that 100 Google US employees have circulated a petition inside the company expressing concern about the outbreak of “cyberbullying” at the company.

In all likelihood, the catalyst for this was probably another conservative employee posting on the company’s internal messageboard about an idea that didn’t conform to the company’s tepidly progressive ethos. Because, in a company where the overwhelming majority of the workforce conforms to the Bay Area tech bubble’s tepid liberalism, any and all dissent is deemed “threatening.”

The organizers of the petition say they want to put a stop to “personal attacks” that are occurring on the company’s forums. Though they neglected to provide a single example of these attacks to Reuters. The petition also calls for Google to expressly detail the “rights and responsibilities” for accusers, defendants, managers and investigators in these types of human resources cases (apparently they missed the memo about how expressing conservative or anti-establishment views could swiftly lead to termination).

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Source:: ZeroHedge