Moms Have A Good Reason For Burning Teen Vogue Over Anal Sex Explainer

By D.C. McAllister

“Teen Vogue is garbage. The editors’ minds are in the garbage. The authors’ minds are in the garbage. Don’t let your kids read garbage.” That’s what an activist mom said as she burned a copy of the magazine in a Twitter video when she discovered an article teaching 11- to 17-year-olds how to have anal sex. Enraged, she called on parents to get Teen Vogue pulled from the shelves.

Whether you agree with her choice to boycott and burn the magazine isn’t the most important issue here. It’s how we got to this point: the increase of anal sex among children and teenagers.

When I was a teenager in the 1980s, I didn’t hear anyone in my high school talking about anal sex. Vaginal sex? Yes, and lots of it. Unwanted pregnancies? Yep. AIDS? Definitely. Oral sex? Yep. But anal sex? No. Does this mean no one was having anal sex? I’m sure they were. Non-coital sex is as old as time, but we’re talking about heterosexual teenagers and a sexual act that was once considered deviant and taboo. That has suddenly changed. Anal sex is now the new black.

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