MISLEADING MAINSTREAM MEDIA Is Pushing False Narrative That Trump Electors Could Steal Election From Him …Why It’s Not Gonna Happen…And Why Their Attack On Our Democracy Is A Really BAD Idea

By 100% FED Up


It started with the anti-Trump riots in the streets that were linked to protesters who were being paid by scumbag radical George Soros. There were “safe spaces” being offered for delicate 20-something-year-old college students who, even though they are old enough to be drafted, couldn’t figure out how to cope with the election results. Next, it was Jill Stein’s recount effort that Hillary joined in three formerly reliable blue states, that showed a net gain for Trump in WI (the only state to actually complete the recount), and voter fraud in Detroit, MI. Next came the bullying and death threats against Trump electors, making naive Americans believe there was a real possibility that Trump could lose enough elector votes to throw the election. And now, just before our petulant President took off on his annual extravagant “holiday” vacation to Hawaii, he asked for a report into Russian hacking of the DNC emails to be delivered to him on January 20, 2017, the same day as President-elect Trump will be inaugurated. This is no coincidence. This is simply a coordinated effort by the Democratic Party and their allies in the media to discredit Donald …read more

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