Megyn Kelly Blows It – Alex Jones Hit Piece Is Piss Poor Propaganda

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If there’s one thing about me it’s that I do what I say I’m going to do and I don’t double cross. It’s not going to be some gotcha hit piece, I promise you that… You just trust me. -Megyn Kelly

NBC aired Megyn Kelly’s controversial interview with Infowars host Alex Jones Sunday night, and the best the network was able to cobble together after an 8 hour interview was a flaming dumpster of highly edited spin. During the 20 minute exposé, 10-20 second clips of Jones and Kelly were used to segue into propagandized vignettes attacking various topics the Infowars host has reported on over the years – ultimately tying Jones to Donald Trump in an effort to undermine the President. To help Kelly peddle this fiction, NBC even wheeled Tom Brokaw out to triage Kelly’s diced up yellow journalism.

Lol this Megyn Kelly interview with Alex Jones is a 100% hit piece.

— Ethan Ralph (@TheRalphRetort) June 18, 2017

Even after receiving fierce criticism and being called out by Jones prior to airtime for lying about his position on the Sandy Hook massacre, Megyn Kelly shamelessly …read more

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