Internet Censorship

What Media, Internet Could Look Like Under Hillary Clinton

The depth of corruption in our government stands — proudly — naked before all of us.

And as one of Hillary Clinton’s vote-stealing minions opined in a recent Project Veritas video, the Democrats own the courts and the media, so who’s going to punish them?

As a result, Obama and Clinton will operate in two ways:

1) They will tell you what they’re going to do.
2) They will always accuse their rivals of doing exactly what they’re already doing.

What we’re witnessing now is the groundwork and early tag-team between Obama and Clinton to pre-inform the public as to what they’re going to do when Clinton steals the 2016 Presidential Election.

Clinton’s potential regime presents a variety of threats — war with Russia, complete and utter governmental breakdown via corruption, open borders, Constitution-skirting trade deals and brass-knuckles blackmail.

But one narrative on the boil involves the battle between the co-opted Mainstream Media (MSM) and the internet.

Obama allowed American government internet oversight to lapse, leaving it in the hands of the United Nations and other nefarious global operators. The decision smacks of utter naivete or some twisted slap at American sovereignty, but really, it’s designed to regulate the internet while avoiding those messy First Amendment violations.

As we see in the clip at the top of the story, Obama and Clinton are not satisfied with their bought-and-paid-for MSM peddling their lies and narratives. The grassroots internet clearly threatens the MSM and, in aggregate, presents larger audiences than the MSM can muster. Trust in the MSM slipped recently into single digits.

The MSM has never understood the internet from its inception. They failed to figure out ways to monetize it and they despise the fact that regular citizens can reach larger audiences, blowing through the editorial gatekeeping and inside-access. The MSM would LOVE to see the little guys cutoff from operating the internet so they can further dominate commercialization, audience and narrative.

How is this possible, you ask? How can they shutdown the internet or regulate media?

It’s pretty easy, actually.



As we’ve seen in Britain and Germany, define rules for “hate speech” and declare everything not published by the MSM to be racist and _____phobic.

Make a comment on an MSM site or social media and get arrested. Kinda East German.


Require media companies to have a license to operate on the internet. This already happens in TV and Radio. Average Joes are less likely to start their own print publications, so demanding an internet license above and beyond the URL registration will limit things only to companies who can afford a limited number of licenses.

And here’s the kicker: Suppose Breitbart made enough money where they could pay a multi-million dollar license fee. The government would certainly collect that fee, but they’d probably let their MSM receive some sort of waivers based on either pre-existing print businesses or TV/Radio FCC licenses. It would be akin to Obamacare waivers and cronyism.

The goal is to make financial viability impossible for anyone except their enemies.


Since these crooks control everything, it’s unlikely they wouldn’t be able to push Step Two through. HOWEVER, they are pigs at the trough and they really hate free market competition. When all you can peddle are age-old Marxist bromides while offering zero solutions, you hate the notion of competing against real innovation.

The next best thing to FCC-style licensing is excessive URL registration fees. Another way to make life impossible for bloggers, small businesses, etc. would be to simply jack up the cost of acquiring a URL (a website address).


Obama suggests some sort of “algorithm” that helps curate and decide what people should see on the internet. We already see this happening via search results on Google as well as closely-guarded algorithms on Facebook and Twitter.

Wikileaks reveals all of these companies worked with the Clinton campaign and each played roles in blocking content or its creators. Of course, once they’re outed by those pesky internet Conservatives, these companies usually relent, but eventually they quietly skulk back to their nefarious censorship.

And, for those of you purchasing “Alexa” or any of those other Star Trek-like computer cubes, just know they are tracking EVERYTHING you ask the bloody thing. And since it’s always listening for its name, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that its effectively a microphone in your own home.

The price of technology at the cost of privacy grows steeper each day.


The Left despises the DrudgeReport and they will concoct laws to shut down an internet legend. All the Left needs to do is pass a bill outlawing second-hand linking. Of course, Search Engines and Social Media sites will be exempt from this, but they’ll make it impossible for Matt Drudge to curate and drive traffic to third-party sites.

Never mind that Drudge merely writes a headline and links to an existing story. They will stop him one way or another.



TorProject.orgInformation remains the lifeblood of search engines and websites. Tor and Orbot — the mobile version of Tor — creates an anonymous path that helps hide your IP address (basically your computer or phone’s license plate).

Tor and Orbot will route all your page requests through a variety of IP hops. They could be based anywhere in the world. For the sake of speed, you might choose to perform hops within the United States or Canada only.

But what this does is create false tracking data. And when you get false tracking data, websites have no idea who their actual audience is. For instance, if you accessed a website 10 times and each time your Tor or Orbot IP hop route traveled through, say, Austria, the media companies would see traffic from Austria.

Why is location important? Because they also use your location to serve ads. And for North American media companies any traffic not in the hemisphere is near-worthless in terms of serving ads. They might receive a few drachmas for serving, in this case, Austrian ads, but it doesn’t amount to a sustainable business.

Additionally, any ads that involve “owning a entire page or site” become useless when the traffic arrives from outside the U.S. market.

This is an important way — other than not visiting MSM sites — to punish them. In fact, done in scale, this could completely warp their user analytics and would be a fun form of informational/data sabotage…all completely LEGAL (for now).


If you own some URL’s, max out their registration period. In case registration fees are grandfathered, you don’t want to have to renew a URL a potentially huge price.


Continue to pressure Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. when they get uppity and start banning people on propped up charges. Twitter banned Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe just as he was set to release damning election fraud videos. They reinstated him after the clamor.

Hammer your representatives in DC. Make sure you make it clear you won’t accept any violations of the First Amendment due to foreign treaties/control/management.