McAuliffe: If Obama Had Done What Trump Did in Helsinki He Would Be Impeached

By Pam Key

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) said if former President Barack Obama had acted the way President Donald Trump did at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he would be impeached. Partial transcript as follows: TAPPER: you say you don’t talk about President Trump and that’s not your message on the stump but after the president’s meeting in Helsinki you tweeted out ‘the president has violated his oath to preserve and protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.’ If you think he violated oath of office, do you think he should be impeached? MCAULIFFE: If President Clinton or President Obama had gone to Helsinki and done what President Trump had done, you would already have impeach hearings going on. This president went over with Putin, our sworn enemy, what he has done all over the globe, this is not our friend. He is not our ally. TAPPER: Do you want to impeach? MCAULIFFE: Russia’s economy is smaller than Italy, they are our thirtieth trading partner. Why is he over there elevating this country and this president to a level of a super power which they are not? TAPPER: You …read more


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