Logic & Analysis: a course for home-schooled children

By Jon Rappoport

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Logic & Analysis: a course for home-schooled children

by Jon Rappoport

August 12, 2017

In the Information Age, a person has several choices.

He can give in and accept mainstream news as a valid picture of the world.

He can resort, instead, to some version of so-called alternative news and surrender to that without much thought.

Or he can become a true independent judge of any source of information, armed with the tools to analyze it sharply and clearly.

There are many herds of sheep, not just one. A strong individual doesn’t join any herd. But in order to stand up to efforts to enlist him as a card-carrying sheep, he needs the capacity to examine information with logic.

Every home school needs a logic course, in the same way that every home school needs to make sure children are literate.

These days, information is a flood. There is really no way to pick out the good information by merely relying on the reputation of the author of an article or internet post.

We are faced with an undifferentiated mass of material that would take years to digest—and still we wouldn’t be able to catch up.

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Source:: Jon Rappoport