‘Logan’ Is Hands-Down The Best Superhero Movie Ever Made

By John Ehrett

As superheroes go, Logan’s Wolverine is in a class by himself: a near-immortal antihero sporting razor-sharp adamantium claws, who doesn’t hesitate to use lethal force when necessary. Yet for all his superhuman powers, Logan has faced an unending string of tragedies. Over and over again, those he loves come to bloody ends, as dark forces attempt to harness his powers for themselves. For the Wolverine, there is no joy or glory in the superhero’s life, but only an endless yearning for peace and home.

I’ve enjoyed every one of Wolverine’s onscreen outings—even 2009’s much-maligned “X-Men: Origins”—but none have truly done the character justice. Three years ago, upon release of James Mangold’s “The Wolverine,” I wrote this:

In case anyone from Hollywood ever happens to stumble upon this review, here’s a novel idea: make a superhero movie with no big action scenes or set pieces. Give us “Watchmen” without the gore, or “X-Men” without the big mutant throwdowns. Maybe squirrel a brief fight in at the climax, but spend 99% of the movie on plot, characters, and themes. Now THAT would be groundbreaking.

Well, it seems Hollywood listened: “Logan” does exactly that, and ends up being the best superhero film I’ve ever reviewed.

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Source:: TheFederalist.com