Lobbyist sues Hillary, DNC for access to hacked server

By Alicia Powe


WASHINGTON – The Washington-based attorney and lobbyist who’s been on the hunt for slain DNC staffer Seth Rich’s killer is filing a federal lawsuit that accuses Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee of rigging the 2016 presidential primary.

The complaint by Jack Burkman also demands the release of the hacked DNC server.

Burkman that in spite of “the multiple public declarations of neutrality and impartiality with respect to the Democratic primary process, the DNC was not neutral.”

“To the contrary, the DNC was biased in favor of one candidate – Hillary Clinton,” the lawsuit states.

Burkman plans a press conference about the federal lawsuit outside DNC headquarters Oct. 24 at 11 a.m.

The plaintiffs are contributors to the DNC.

Burkman said the lawsuit seeks access to the DNC server to determine whether Russia played a role in hacking the DNC or someone colluded with Moscow to rig the election for Donald Trump, as Democratic lawmakers have asserted.

It seeks to “unlock secrets including alleged Russia hacking.”

It also references the “unsolved murder of Seth Rich.”

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Source:: World Net Daily