Limbaugh: Why Dems should fret over Pennsylvania

By Bob Unruh

Conor Lamb (photo courtesy

Conor Lamb (photo courtesy

The results may not be official for some time, but it appears that a Democrat, Conor Lamb, now leading by only a few hundred votes, may have won a special election in a western Pennsylvania congressional district that two years ago chose President Donald Trump by 20 points.

Mainstream media elements all are reporting what an “unmistakable good sign” that is for Democrats as the 2018 midterms approach in November that Lamb apparently defeated Republican Rick Saccone. Their vote totals Wednesday were only a fraction of a point apart.

But Rush Limbaugh warns that it is the Democrats who should be concerned.

He said it’s because Lamb had to run as a Republican to win.

“If you didn’t know any better, he’s a Trump acolyte. He had to run as Donald Trump. … In fact, you might even be able to say that Conor Lamb did a better job of explaining the Trump agenda than the Republican did, and it shows the power of the Trump Effect,” he explained.

“Even Democrats have to pretend to be like Trump in – and this is Pennsylvania. This is [Democrat] Pennsylvania, and even this guy is out there running as a …read more

Source:: World Net Daily