Libs Who Wear Vagina Hats/Costumes And Call Us Teabaggers, Nazi’s, And MORE Are Offended By Trump?

By Allen West Republic

It is amazing that the Vagina Hats crowd could find anything so shocking as the President’s strongly worded reference to Africa. Is this the crowd that marched in costumes so vulgar that parents had to make sure the children were not in the room if the news was on television? These are the people screaming vulgarities at the President and his supporters? Are they shocked by one word?

As Written By Matt Walsh for the Daily Wire:

You have no doubt heard about the latest Donald Trump Outrage. It is reported that Trump, during negotiations over the immigration deal, referred to certain African countries and Haiti as “s***hole countries.” He then asked, allegedly, “why we need more Haitians” to come here as immigrants.

The White House rather noticeably refused to deny these reports at first. Finally, this morning, Trump issued a vague denial, claiming that he used “tough language” but “this was not the language used.” So it seems apparent that he either said “s***hole” or something similar to it.

Predictably, the Left, the media, and some on the Right have been, shall we say, extremely displeased with the president. CNN went to full on Apocalyptic Freak Out Mode, calling …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic