Liberals are learning to love America — really!

By Mason Weaver

The liberal world is falling apart. Socialism, progressivism, communism have all been exposed, and their lies and illusions are no longer effective. With the surprising and overwhelming election of Donald Trump, the Lewd Left was caught completely by surprised. The media, it turned out, could not choose the candidate and failed to see the landscape change right before them.

The population was tired of being lied to, tired of America losing and tired of seeing our national wealth being squandered. After the Trump victory, the left tried their same old playbook. They intimidated, screamed, protested, rioted, called names, marginalized and sought safe places. But we continued to win in most subsequent elections.

They then tried one of the oldest strategies in the liberal playbook: sexual intimidation, accusations and charges. It hadn’t worked on Trump, but it had worked during the last presidential campaign against Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain – so why not try it again? When it did not work, they started eating their own. First, Hollywood explodes with sexual misconduct charges of well-known people. Then the news media and eventually political leaders started falling.

It was not due to the efforts of conservatives or the Trump administration. What happened was, since …read more

Source:: World Net Daily