Leadership Lesson From Jackie Robinson

By Lorne Robinson

Jackie Robinson, first African American to play in Major League Baseball.

On a recent flight back to Newfoundland, I watched a movie called “42” which is the story of Jackie Robinson (#42), best known for becoming the first black major-league baseball player of the modern era. Manager, Branch Rickey intentionally searched for a black player and the story unfolds. As I watched, I could sense the excitement that Robinson must have felt, being the first black chosen to be in the major leagues.

He was a talented athlete but is that the only reason Rickey selected him? I became very intrigued as the movie progressed because it really demonstrated that the choice was also because of his ability to turn the other cheek. Sure, it was about winning, so the team needed talented players, but actually, it was more about bringing change in the sport and influencing a nation. The Brooklyn Dodgers were scheduled to play in Philadelphia, (ironically the city of brotherly love). However, the home team refused to play simply because Jackie Robinson was on the team. The two managers exchanged words:

“You cannot bring that boy down here with the …read more

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