Lawyers offer simple solution for drones that spy

By Bob Unruh


The drone industry has exploded in the last few years, with thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands or even millions flying the skies around the world.

They’re used by law enforcement for investigations, private companies for checking power lines and such, news organizations for video, advertising companies for promotional shots and more.

And they’re used by neighbors, private investigators and snoops for spying on neighbors, subjects, or targets.

Now two Swiss lawyers say there’s a legitimate defense against such privacy violations.

Shoot them down.

Not with real guns, of course, but with things like a newly developed pistol that shoots a net that entangles the rotors of the drone and takes it to the ground. Or maybe a high pressure stream of water.

The recommendation comes from in a report in The Local, which explained the Swiss lawyers have concluded that if a drone is “invading your personal privacy you are entitled to shoot it down and aren’t liable for damages.”

“Drones are increasingly popular with private individuals in Switzerland for recreational use and to take aerial videos. But the remote-controlled craft can also be used by for spying on individuals or taking unauthorized photos – for example of people sunbathing on their balcony,” the report …read more

Source:: World Net Daily