Kamala Harris Will Enforce Red Flag Laws to Deny Firearms for ‘White Nationalists’

By Shane Trejo


The following article, Kamala Harris Will Enforce Red Flag Laws to Deny Firearms for ‘White Nationalists’, was first published on Big League Politics.

If she is able to obtain the presidency in 2020, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) intends to enforce red flag laws that would deny firearm rights to “white nationalists.”

She announced her intentions today to urge Congress to revoke the 2nd Amendment and due process for anyone deemed by the government as a “white nationalist” under a “domestic terrorism prevention order,” if she becomes president. Harris is centering her campaign around the collective punishment of white people.

“We need to take action to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people and stop violent, hate-fueled attacks before they happen,” Harris said. “By focusing on confronting these domestic terror threats, we can save lives.”

Adam Skaggs, who works as chief counsel for the gun control group Giffords, is cheering on Harris’ proposal to expand the scope of red flag laws beyond what has already been signed into law throughout the country.

“It’s great that states are making progress on this on a state-by-state basis, but this is a nationwide problem and we need a nationwide …read more

Source:: BigLeaguePolitics.com

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