Judge Roy Moore prepares to kick some journalistic butt!

By Allen West Republic

Judge Roy Moore, the candidate for Alabama Senator, has been known to be a fighter. He announced the other night that he plans to sue the Washington Post. Now you might think that it has to do with the sex abuse charges. You would be wrong. He is suing because of the articles that were written about him, his wife, their foundation, and the lies about his salary. Here are all the details.

As Written By Matthew Boyle for Breitbart:

Judge Roy Moore, the GOP nominee for the United States Senate, announced Sunday evening at an event that he plans to sue the Washington Post for its series of hit pieces against him, his wife, his foundation, and his campaign.

Breitbart News was granted exclusive access to the event, which was closed to the press. After the Judge’s speech, his wife Kayla spoke out in a forthcoming exclusive Breitbart News interview — her first-ever interview with the press during this campaign and the first time she has spoken out publicly in response to the salacious allegations from the Post.

“Shortly after becoming the Republican nominee for the United States Senate, the Washington Post published an article attacking me, my wife, my Foundation for …read more

Source:: Allen West Republic