I’ve Got A Bombshell Summertime Beer

By Brad Jackson

With Memorial Day weekend just around the corner, and the end of the school year in sight, it’s nearly summertime. That means barbecues, trips to the beach and lake, and relaxing by the pool. All of those occasions call for a good summertime beer. There are several great beers to choose from, and one of those is Bombshell Blonde Ale from the gang at Southern Star Brewery.

In the winter it’s good to have a hearty, dark beer, something stout to get you through the cold. Come summertime, though, it’s nice to have something light, but still flavorful, a beer that cools you down.

One of the perfect beers for that is a blonde ale like Bombshell Blonde. Light, creamy, a little bready, with a just a touch of hops to even it out, it’s the summer beer. I love to drink this beer super cold, preferably out of an ice-filled cooler on a boat or by the lake. Wrap it in a koozie, and you’re ready to go.

Bombshell Blonde is a beer you should drink out of the can, and boy is it a fantastic can design. Riding a red, white, and blue bomb Dr. Strangelove-style is a Texas cowgirl—poofy …read more

Source:: TheFederalist.com