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Mostly Red States Should Consider Secession from Democrat Dominated Cities


The above Electoral Map – courtesy of ZeroHedge.com – paints a controversial picture when it comes to the Presidential election.

At first glance, red dominates the landscape but blue owns the states with heaviest populations and Electoral Votes. So Hillary Clinton, in this scenario, beats Donald Trump to the White House by a measly six Electoral votes.

If Trump could take a portion of Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral votes, he’d have a shot at winning the election. Most of Pennsylvania votes red, but Democrat/union strongholds in and around Philadelphia tilt the entire state blue for Federal elections.

Should one pocket of a state – poorly educated by urban schools, mind-controlled and threatened by unions – sentence their fellow residents to slavery/tyranny? Well, to their “superior” minds, they think ‘yes’ as urbanites consider themselves more advanced than their rural countrymen.

This trend applies in states such as New York, Philadelphia, California, Ohio and Florida.


How can you beat these large population centers?

The answer is simple, the process complicated: State-level Secession. We’re not advocating breaking free of the country (see how that worked out for the Confederacy), but imploring certain regions to break away from the portion of their state that does not represent their values.


Think this is crazy? Where do you think the state of West Virginia came from?

In 1861, West Virginians did not fit in well with their eastern citizens, which opted to join the Confederacy. The rural, resource-rich, but poor version of West Virginia decided to make a change and seceded from one of the original 13 colonies. They sided fought on the Union side during the Civil War.

Other states formed as a result of secession:

— Vermont seceded from New York in 1790.

— Kentucky was forged from another piece of Virginia in 1789 and become a state in 1792. .

— Maine become a state in 1820 after uncoupling from Massachusetts the previous year.

What advantages would secession provide, at the end of the day, city-states such as Philadelphia and outlying Montgomery County would still retain large Electoral Votes.

Yes, that’s true.

But this plan produce long-term effects that should win out over time.


Let’s take Pennsylvania for example: Suppose the entire state pulled away from Philadelphia and it’s Elitist suburbs.

As an independent state, the non-Philadelphia state (let’s call it Western Pa.) would continue to elect small-government conservative leaders and policies. Unburdened by Philadelphia’s corruption, Western Pa. would feature lower taxes, more incentives for jobs/industries and an overall greater atmosphere for job creation and opportunity.

Western Pa. would continue to excel at farming, manufacturing and offer natural resources such as natural gas and oil. Growth would not be limited by space as all the open land would be available for a potential population boom.

Philadelphia would be locked into small land mass with little room for growth. For the United Nations’ Agenda 21, the city-state offers, in their mind, the ultimate little SimCity world where Sims wake up in their cubicle-sized apartments, take public transportation to their office towers, dine at restaurants, rinse and repeat.

But when the outer regions control the food, energy and natural resources, what’s a little city-state to do?

For a while, at least until the rural areas establish banking power, the city-states would offer financial muscle through lending and consumer audience.

But, the city-states could be drained of talent and choked of resources.

What will follow, over time, is a migration of city-state population into other regions of the country. One would hope that after living in the disaster of uptopian policy, they’d undergo a political renaissance, repent and opt for liberty over big government, corruption and failed policies.

Why should northern and eastern California knuckle under to the political weirdos in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Eastern Washington pulling away from Seattle or upstate New York getting away from New York City. Florida sawing off Broward and Dade Counties to go its own way.

Imagine the possibilities of free market states where your vote means something!