Iraq: What You Haven’t Been Told

By Capitalist Exploits

Ahmed Tabaqchali

By Chris at

When most of us think of Iraq we picture burning oil fields, sand, blown-up buildings, sand, machine gun-toting jihadists, sand, helicopter gunships, sand, Humvees, mosques, and well… sand.

We know that George and Tony told us the war is over and that was ages ago so it must be true.

In fact, things must be jolly peachy by now because by my calendar that was May 2003, some 14 years ago. Still, George and Tony – like many podium donuts before them – said a lot of things and so with much of what traditional media tells us oscillating between questionable and “hahaha, bullsh*t”, it makes a whole lot of sense to source information directly from credible sources.

I’ve made a point of doing this personally and I can’t recommend it enough. In any event, long-term readers will recall my buddy Thomas Hugger from Asia Frontier Capital (I chatted to Thomas here).

Well, one of the funds under Thomas’ umbrella is a relatively newly launched Iraqi fund, and so, since I wanted to get a better idea of what’s happening in the Middle East and Iraq in particular, what better person to bring me up to speed than …read more

Source:: ZeroHedge