Iranians’ Opinions of ISIS, of U.S., & of U.S. People

By Eric Zuesse.

Eric Zuesse, originally posted at

Iranians hold in extremely low regard: the U.S. government, ISIS, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, and international terrorism, but their opinions of the American people are remarkably higher than their opinions of the American government — they don’t believe that America’s government represents the American people, at all. They think it represents instead the American aristocracy (which it does). And they detest ISIS and other terrorist and terrorist-supporting groups for the same reason they detest bin Laden: they don’t share the jihadists’ view of what Islam is. And yet, as Shiites, instead of (as the Sauds are) Sunnis, they also are more committed to their religion than they are to their country, whereas the citizens of the Sunni nations (especially Saudi Arabia), which is where the 9/11 terrorists and almost all other Islamic terrorists come from, view themselves more as citizens of their particular Sunni Sharia-law nation, than as being citizens of any particular nation.

Before the detailed poll-results showing Iranians’ opinions of the U.S., and of ISIS and other jihadist groups, are presented, the context behind these Iranian opinions — the source of them — will be described here, because Iranians’ …read more