Inside the Intuitive Mind

By Mike Metzger


Temple Grandin has saved the cattle industry billions of dollars. But she initially knew nothing about the business. Grandin has what we call an intuitive mind.

For nearly three decades, Temple Grandin has been leading the charge for animal welfare reform in the cattle industry. Grandin is autistic. She thinks in pictures. For the last 30 years her intuitive mind has helped the beef industry see its slaughterhouses through the eyes of a cow. This has saved the cattle industry billions of dollars.

Before Grandin, cattle became panicked and stressed before they were slaughtered. Cattle would secrete a chemical into their muscles, causing the meat to putrefy quicker. If industry could find a way for cattle to relax in the chute, meat would stay fresher longer. That’d save a lot of money. But industry experts couldn’t figure out how to do it.

Grandin did. She took an unorthodox approach. She lay down in muddy corrals. Grandin crawled through metal chutes. She even stood in the stun boxes where factory workers deliver their fatal blows. Then pictures started coming to her.

The pictures turned into industry standards: curved loading chutes and the center-track restrainer system. Curved chutes shield cattle from viewing what’s ahead, keeping …read more

Source:: Affluent