Hollywood sex scandal? D.C. is worse

By Mychal Massie

The Hollywood sexual-impropriety explosion has become around-the-clock news. However, specific to same, I view the accusations alleged against Harvey Weinstein, Ben Affleck, Kevin Spacey, et. al as ultimately not changing a thing about what can only marginally be called abuse of power.

The procession of A-list actresses and actors coming forward claiming they were pinched, grabbed and/ or raped should surprise no one. Cable gossip programming and the “dishonest to its core” news media breathlessly pretends to report on “the shocking allegations” – but even that should be viewed with a weary eye, because nothing sells advertising like scandals, and there’s no better scandals than sexual scandals.

I’m not sure how many were paying attention, but it wasn’t very long ago that a television documentary series addressed in vivid detail the seamy side of Hollywood. The series discussed the people actors hire as staff who handle everything from providing them with doctors to feed their addiction to prescription pharmaceuticals, to the most perverse forms of sexual deviancy. The program pulled back the curtain on the hidden world of debauchery that exists for the Hollywood clientele who could afford it. The series showed the involvement of image consultants …read more

Source:: World Net Daily