Hillary asks, ‘What happened?’ Cahn answers

By Joseph Farah


I find it difficult to believe that Hillary Clinton’s book, “What Happened,” is No. 1 in sales this week.

Do that many people really think she has answers?

Ironically, right behind Hillary’s book is Jonathan Cahn’s “The Paradigm,” which actually explains who she is, what her husband represents and how they despoiled the nation, the culture and led America away from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel with the help of their political-spiritual successor, Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s quite a story – one for the ages.

It’s a daring book with a powerful prophetic premise: Not only does history repeat itself, but so do historical character types.

In his groundbreaking first book, “The Harbinger,” Cahn showed how the 9/11 attack mirrored the imminent judgment of ancient Israel, with so many striking parallels as to render coincidence implausible.

“The Paradigm” builds upon that foundation to reveal shockingly eerie personality types from ancient Israel who seemingly presaged the political careers of the Clintons and Obama.

Before you scoff, I urge you to read the book. You will learn a lot more about “what happened” from Cahn than you will from Hillary’s excuse-making, rationalizations and blame-game finger-pointing.

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Source:: World Net Daily