Doug Hagmann

Hagmann Interview: Arrests Coming in DC Pedophile Scandal

Doug Hagmann, co-host of the Hagmann and Hagmann report has been closely following the child sex trade and pedophile tragedy for a number of years. He is connected to high-level law enforcement and his sources indicate the arrest of high-profile people will take place within the next two weeks.

According to Alex Jones, the Deep State targeted General Mike Flynn because he allegedly obtained a list of DC-based pedophiles currently being targeted by law enforcement. Jones stated that a close friend of Vice President Mike Pence was on the list and that’s one of the reasons Pence treated Flynn like a human speed bump.

Of course, if that’s true, and Pence acted in defense of a known pedophile, that creates a whole different set of issues as well. Jones also indicated as many as 80 members of Congress are known to be part of this ring.

If true, pending arrests could expose some of the names on that list.

All of this would certainly vindicate General Flynn if Jones’ information proves genuine.

Close to 2,000 arrests have been made in the last few months. This involves cases where children have been released from dungeons and cages — horrific, horror-movie level news that’s never released by the Lame Stream Media.

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