Hacker Steals Tesla Model 3 From Mall of America Using Only A Smartphone

By Tyler Durden

After several humiliating months for Elon Musk and Tesla, the company may have just set a new standard for embarrassing itself when one of its Model 3 vehicles was allegedly stolen from the Mall of America by a 21-year-old, using only his smartphone.

In what will likely come as a blow for confidence in Tesla’s software security and deeply troubling set of circumstances for the folks at Tesla customer service, The Drive reported that the car was stolen after Tesla customer service, over the phone, reportedly “handed the thief the keys” by allowing him to add the car, by VIN number, to his Tesla account. The alleged thief then made it 1,000 miles before being caught.

Once inside, the thief disabled the car’s GPS tracking system and nearly got away scott-free. After stealing the vehicle, he was found days later in Waco, Texas and was only able to be tracked by monitoring where he was accessing Superchargers along the way. The Model 3 was owned by a Tesla rental company named Trevla, that has store space inside of the Mall of America. The alleged thief had rented vehicles from this company at least six times prior to the theft taking place …read more

Source:: Zero Hedge

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