Hacker Busted Trying To Sell Stolen Military Drone Documents On Dark Web

By Tyler Durden

An unidentified hacker tried to sell stolen US military documents containing “Reaper” combat drone information over the dark web last month, according to cybersecurity research firm Recorded Future who spotted the attempted sale.

The hacker sought buyers for maintenance documents about the MQ-9 Reaper drone, a remotely controlled aerial vehicle used by the Pentagon and other parts of the government to conduct offensive strikes or reconnaissance and surveillance operations. -Wall Street Journal

The discovery comes amid heightened concerns over whether US military secrets are sufficiently protected from hackers – as the Defense Department’s Inspector General continues to investigate a major security breach following a cyber-intrusion by Chinese hackers who allegedly stole 614 GB of data pertaining to submarine warfare.

According to the Washington Post, Chinese hackers stole a total of 614 gigabytes of plans for cutting-edge weapons relating to various undersea programs, as well as sensor data, submarine information about cryptographic systems, and an entire library of submarine electronic warfare data.

Andrei Barysevich, a senior threat researcher at Recorded Future said that there was no indication that the hacker who acquired the Reaper drone information was affiliated with a foreign country, or whether they were intentionally looking for military …read more

Source:: Zero Hedge

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