Gowdy Lays it on the Line & Proves Comey is a TOTAL FRAUD

By Amy Moreno

If disgraced former FBI Director James Comey had such a “crisis” working for President Trump, why didn’t he just quit?

That’s the question Trey Gowdy has for the former FBI guy, who some claim hung around, simply to collect material for a “tell-all” book which he’s currently shamelessly plugging.

From Town Hall

The man has a point. Think about it: James Comey is running around hawking a book that blasts President Trump as a lying, misogynistic, spray-tanned mob boss with small hands, arguing that the president is “morally unfit” for the office he holds and intoning about the American people being “duty bound” to vote Trump out of office. Regardless of whether you agree with all, some, or none of those assessments, Comey evidently harbored these feelings about Trump prior to getting axed, yet he clung to the powerful job anyway. I happen to believe that Trump fired Comey in an inexcusable way, for dubious stated reasons, and conducted himself very poorly in its aftermath. It’s not hard to see why Comey might harbor …read more

Source:: Truthfeed