Google’s ‘Don’t be evil’ code of conduct no longer applies

By Patty Ann Malley


The Axis of Evil shifts gears

“Don’t be evil” is the motto of Google’s corporate code of conduct according to Wikipedia. Sounds good, until one considers that “evil” is subjective when one has unhinged himself from the rock of truth.

Silicon Valley, previously looked to as a redeemer of the American economy, is transforming itself into a suspicious Angel of Light preaching something far different than life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unless happiness translates to “the worst of American capitalism – squashing competitors, using indentured servants, attempting to fix wages, depressing incomes, creating ever more social anomie and alienation,” as noted by Orange County Register.

The big five – Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon – far from sating leftist groupies with progressive insights, are now causing alarm. The reason? The invasive attempt to get to know individual customers – really know them. Perhaps not in the biblical sense, but the left seems to be mulling the question of “consent.”

“These firms are fostering what British academic David Lyon has called a “surveillance society” both here and abroad. Companies like Facebook and Google thrive by mining personal data, and their only way to grow, as …read more

Source:: World Net Daily