Google, Apple Condemned For Continuing To Carry Saudi Wife-Tracking App

By Tyler Durden

Apple and Google – which have had zero compunction about removing “inappropriate content” that promotes “hate speech, graphic violence, bullying and harassment” have come under heavy criticism by human rights activists and lawmakers for carrying an app that allows Saudi men to track the whereabouts of their wives and daughters.

Created by the National Information Center, the app – Absher, contains a database of women in Saudi Arabia and the means to prohibit them from travel – or catch them leaving without permission.

Of note, more than 1,000 women flee Saudi Arabia each year according to Mansour al-Askar of the Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University in a May 2017 statement to The Economist .

According to Human RIghts Watch, Saudi women require permission from a male guardian – usually their father or husband, to leave the country.

“It’s really designed with the men in mind,” said senior Human Rights Watch researcher, Rothna Begum. “Of course, it’s incredibly demeaning, insulting and humiliating for the women and downright abusive in many cases, because you’re allowing men absolute control over women’s movements.”

Begum told CNN that Google and Apple “should be considering the way that the app is being …read more

Source:: Zero Hedge

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