Finally! U.N. concedes Christians are persecuted

By Alicia Powe

U.N. Building in Manhattan, New York

U.N. Building in Manhattan, New York

WASHINGTON – United Nations “refugee” programs have focused on Muslims in the Middle East for years, even though the populations of Christians, Yazidis and other religious minorities in the region have been under siege.

A recent report from Aid to the Church in Need notes that “Christians are the victims of at least 75 percent of all religiously motivated violence and oppression.”

The organization said more than half of Iraq’s Christians now are internal refugees, having been driven from their homes.

The Syrian city of Aleppo was home to the largest Christian community in the Middle East in 2011. But the Christian population there is down more than 75 percent in just six years, the report notes, from 150,000 to about 35,000.

Still, U.N. programs largely have selected Muslims to come to the United States, Britain and other countries as refugees in recent years.

But now there’s been a shift, with the United Nations conceding there is a problem with the persecution of Christians.

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Source:: World Net Daily