#FakeNewsAward Nomination: Best Clickbait 2017, Gideon Resnick & The Daily Beast

By Nicholas Evangelista

Project Veritas is proud to announce the next nominee of the newest #FakeNews Award, “Best Clickbait, 2017” to Gideon Resnick & The Daily Beast.

On March 31, Gideon Resnick of The Daily Beast published an article seeming to insinuate that James O’Keefe was guilty of a fraudulent act.

We got on the phone with @GideonResnick from @thedailybeast to see why he wrote his #ClickBait article so misleadingly. #FakeNews #Veritas pic.twitter.com/aKuE0qWmxB

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) March 31, 2017

The worst part? Resnick was fully aware that the act was fraudulent before the article was published:

If the FEC determines that Project Veritas did set up this PAC, they could lose tax-exempt status. https://t.co/nJ7Ie2jo1N

— Gideon Resnick (@GideonResnick) March 31, 2017

We asked Gideon to change the misleading headline, but he didn’t budge. In fact, he seemed to like his clickbait material so much, that he used it as a tweet.

Mr. Resnick seems to excel at writing clickbait #fakenews articles. In fact, it ‘appears’ to be the only type of article he knows how to write:

Gideon Resnick’s other “works.”

Considering his large body of similar works, we are excited to nominate him for …read more

Source:: Project Veritas