Everything Keeps Changing About The Skripal Narrative Except Russia Definitely Did It

By WashingtonsBlog

By Caitlin Johnstone, CaitlinJohnstone.com

The latest news update on the notorious Skripal case is that the source of the alleged Novichok poisoning may have been a cereal brought to the Skripals by a family friend who happens to work for a major Russian medical company, hospitalizing them both as well as a police sergeant for some reason. Less than 24 hours earlier, we were informed that the Novichok nerve agent was actually likely administered via the handle of the front door, which according to the New York Times would have been an operation that “is seen as so risky and sensitive that it is unlikely to have been undertaken without approval from the Kremlin.”

This is par for course in the immensely plot hole-riddled Skripal case, which since the story broke has been an endless barrage of ever-changing contradictory narratives the details of which nobody is certain of to any degree at all… except that Russia definitely did it.

British officials believe an assassin smeared nerve agent on the handle of Skripal’s door, and that the operation was so dangerous it would have required Kremlin approval: officials https://t.co/EOoCaCw26E

— Ellen Barry (@EllenBarryNYT) April 2, 2018

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