Elon Musk Attended Infamous Silicon Valley Sex Party

By Tyler Durden

Elon Musk

Bloomberg reporter Emily Chang’s “Brootopia” – a scathing examination of White Male Privilege in Silicon Valley – was one of the most talked-about tech books of last year, thanks in part to a memorable scene that has come to represent Silicon Valley’s “bro-centric” culture, which is reportedly dominated by men who didn’t lose their virginity until they were 25.

Earlier today, the infamous party – which reportedly took place in June 2017 – was reported to have taken place at the home of disgraced VC Steve Jurvetson of DCF.

And just a few minutes ago, Business Insider reported that, as it happens, Tesla CEO Elon Musk attended the party in question, but said he thought it was a “corporate costume party”. He apparently left at 1 am after standing around and talking about technology and entrepreneurship with a few other attendees.

Musk didn’t witness any drug use, or sex, for that matter.

In a statement to Business Insider, a spokesperson for the Tesla and SpaceX founder confirmed he was there, but that he believed it was a “corporate” costume-themed party and spent his time there talking about technology and business before leaving at 1 am.

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Source:: ZeroHedge