#DontLeave Trends as People Receive the Obama’s Last Christmas Card

By Josie Rudd


By: Ben Bowles

Oh, boo-hoo! As liberal heads explode with each new Trump nomination, the rest of left-leaning America is losing their own over the imminent departure of the Barack Obamas from the White House and the limelight.

The Telegraph notes that the Obamas have sent out their last Christmas card with the address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and that many of the recipients are expressing their sadness by appending the hashtag #DontLeave to their tweets:

Got the Obama Xmas card pic.twitter.com/VBr963HUl5

— Jess (@j3ssir) December 8, 2016

Just goes to show that one man’s schmaltz is another’s emetic.

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Source:: Minutemen News.com