Dispatch From SXSW: I Ate Cherry Pie At Roseanne’s House

By Brad Jackson

If you watched TV in the late 80s and early 90s then you probably watched “Roseanne.” The story of an acerbic blue collar mom and her middle-America family, Roseanne was always good for a laugh and more than a few gasps as well. It was one of those shows I just can’t forget, and now they’re bringing it back. At South by South West this year, ABC set up the show’s fictional diner, the Lanford Lunch Box, and select rooms from Roseanne’s house for guests to experience, in an effort to drum up interest in the series reboot which starts at the end of March. So I went.

Having been a resident of Austin for more than 20 years, I’ve seen SXSW grow and change quite a bit. This is a festival that is now the marketing extravaganza that merits bringing pieces of a Roseanne set halfway across the country just to build buzz for an upcoming TV show.

It’s a little weird driving around East Austin, a neighborhood formerly known mostly for small music clubs and family run Mexican restaurants, and seeing large signs with John Goodman hugging Roseanne Barr with arrows pointing toward their SXSW showcase event.

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Source:: TheFederalist.com